Iceland: The Forces of Nature

Found just south of the Arctic Circle and with two tectonic plates running through its centre, the country of Iceland demonstrates some of the incredible forces of nature that are present on this planet. A few years ago I was lucky enough to witness some of them for myself and have put together a brief... Continue Reading →

Tenerife: More than just a Party Island

The island of Tenerife often gains a slightly bad reputation of being a party destination, for those wanting to spend all holiday clubbing but in reality this island has so much more to offer. Tenerife is positioned off the west coast of Africa and is part of the Canary Islands which belong to Spain, meaning... Continue Reading →

Dolphin Spotting in Tenerife

The sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean which surround the island of Tenerife are home to a variety of marine life, making this a fantastic location to go on the lookout for dolphins. There are many boat trips on offer across the whole island, which will take you to the places dolphins are known... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons why you have to Visit Rome

1.   The History You only have to set foot in this unique, world famous city for five minutes to see the mixture of historic aspects combined with a modern twist. One second you’re exploring designer boutiques the next you’re staring awe-struck at an incredible monument. Of course when you mention the phrase “Roman history” the... Continue Reading →

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