Top money saving tips for travel

1. Sell your unwanted items on ebay

We’ve all done it, ordered that one dress, tried it on and realised it doesn’t quite look how it was pictured online but hey you’re bound to wear it at some point right? Wrong! It simply gets shoved to back the of the wardrobe never to see daylight again. But the good news is selling these items online can be a quick and easy way to gain a bit of extra cash which can be put towards your travels

2. Go on a gap year / year abroad

We all have that one friend who won’t shut up about how amazing their gap year was and  how it changed their lives forever. Whilst those people are incredibly annoying there may be some truth in what they have to say. A gap year will give you plenty of time to visit several different places for a longer period of time, allowing to immerse yourself in another country. And taking on a few part time jobs allows you to earn whilst you travel. 

3. The microgap

Think of the microgap as a shortened gap year for those who are working or can’t afford to take a whole year out to travel. Many companies advertise the microgap as a way to experience something completely different in a short space of time, such as climbing a mountain or volunteering for a conservation charity. Many of these experiences can be carried out over a long weekend, meaning you won’t use up all of you holiday days and still have plenty of time to commit to your family/job

4. Make the most of your friends

If you have friends who live abroad save money on hotels and crash on their sofa for a few days. Plus you can get their recommendations for the best places to visit that are off the beaten track and therefore unknown to most tourists

5. Go interailing

A great way to see multiple countries in a short space of time, particularly around Europe. Plus sleeping on the train overnight means you save money on hotels!

6. Enter competitions

Someone’s got to win them and who knows you might get lucky. Enter those run by smaller companies and you’ll stand a higher chance of winning.

7. Plan the timing of your holidays

Taking a long weekend or city break can be a great way to see part of a new country. And if you go away over a bank holiday weekend, you’ll have more days to take off in the future

8. Shop around

Some travel companies may give discounts if you book hotels and flights in advance so be sure to check out many agents and airlines for the best offers. Or booking directly with the hotel is often a far better deal. 

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