Glasgow in 24 Hours

After my time exploring the Highlands I spent one day in the city of Glasgow. It was quite the contrast from the tranquil rural landscapes I had become accustomed to in the last week but nevertheless an enjoyable experience. I caught the train from Fort William to Glasgow, a journey that was just under four hours but the time passed very quickly and the spectacular scenery made for an interesting journey (see also my top ten train travel tips ).

The first place we headed  was George Square, home to the City Council Chambers. The main building showcases some impressive Victorian architecture, whilst statues are dotted rounds its perimeter. It has long been argued that this is one of the most prestigious buildings in the whole of Glasgow.  If you have an interest in architecture then you must take a trip to Glasgow Cathedral with its impressive Gothic design or head to the university buildings.

Round the corner was the art gallery and museum which are definitely worth a visit. Heading into the heart of the city, Glasgow is lined with many shops and pubs – of course no trip would be complete without sampling some traditional Scottish Whisky. The Princes Square is home to many designer shops along with several restaurants, most of which boast impressive cocktail menus, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dinner!

If you are in the city at night an evening stroll down to the Clyde Riverbank is an absolute must. Here the bridges along the course of the river are lit up in different colours, including the Clyde Arc which is illuminated in pink.


All too soon my short time in Glasgow drew to a close but one last handy fact to mention is that there are some great transport links out of the city. Glasgow Central station has links to the rest of Scotland and even further afield to London. There is also a shuttle bus that runs from the city centre directly to the airport. These cost £8 and run about once every ten minutes. So why not get stuck in and explore one of Scotland’s most famous cities?!

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