Here’s why you must learn to scuba dive on your next trip

1. See more of the planet: 70% of the world is water, without learning to scuba dive you’re not even going to see half of it not matter how much you travel


2. Seeing the diverse range of marine life first hand may lead to an increased understanding of the importance of marine conversation. Not only will you see the range of species that live in one particular habitat, for example coral reefs are hugely diverse ecosystems, but you will also witness some of the environmental issues, such as coral bleaching and plastic entering the ocean


3. Learning to dive could even lead to job opportunities such as an underwater photographer, where you could sell your photographs to a variety of publications. Another option is a dive instructor, which will provide you with opportunities to travel even further afield to some incredibly exotic locations


4. You are guaranteed to have some incredible encounters with some amazing marine animals such as rays and turtles. (Be mindful to keep reasonable distance between yourself and the creatures). Diving allows you to witness these critters in their natural habitat, giving you a more accurate representation of their life and behaviour.


5. Learn a new skill/ hobby – they say that variety is the spice of life and trying something new ensures you will never get bored. There’s so many different types of diving to try too, whether its in shark cages, exploring shipwrecks or night diving, the list goes on


6. Improve your communication skills – you can’t talk underwater so you need to learn new methods of communication, which in turn can improve your discipline


7. Diving is a great talking point – you’ll be amazed at the amount of people who will ask to hear about your tales from the deep and who knows, maybe you’ll inspire them to give diving a go


So what are you waiting for, take the plunge, learn an unforgettable skill and tick another item off the bucket list!

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