Top ten train travel tips

Many people say that their least favourite part of travelling is the long journey times and travelling on trains is no exception. Here are my top tips to remember when you are travelling on a train that will hopefully make your journey a little more bearable.


1. Get a window seat- this way you’ll be able to watch the view and clearly see the            stations so you know exactly where you are

2. Take a power bank to re-charge all of your devices

3. Take a bottle of water- I always find that I get a bit dehydrated when I travel long distances so it’s always handy to have something to drink

4. Bring plenty of snacks

5. Make sure you pack your headphones and bring a good book, so if everything does run out of charge you won’t run out of things to do

6. Download a film to watch beforehand- this way you won’t have to use all of your data or really on Wi-Fi

7. Pack everything you will need for the journey in a small bag so you can easily access it. Everything else can go in your main bag under your seat or in the luggage racks- a much more comfortable alternative than having to sit with a huge bag squishing your feet

8. Purchase your tickets in advance- not only can this sometimes be cheaper but if you happen to be running later when you arrive to the station it is much less hassle if you can just jump straight on the train instead of having to wait in the inevitably long queue to buy tickets

9. Do your research- if you are making several journeys in a short space of time it may be worth considering a rail card on inter railing pass, a fairly easy money saving hack which can get you some rather nice discounts

10. Wear comfy clothes- this will make your journey far more enjoyable and definitely improve your mood

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