Packing Checklist For Climbing Snowdon

Okay, I know it’s not quite Kilimanjaro but you still need to be prepared when climbing a mountain and hopefully this list will help you remember everything and have a much more enjoyable trip. And who knows maybe you’ll start with Snowdon and Kilimanjaro will be next!

• Walking boots and thick socks
I find that wellies are a nightmare when walking long distances, they are difficult to walk in, especially when climbing up hill and your feet get rather cold in them. Instead I recommend walking boots which support your ankle coupled with some thick comfortable walking socks. You can also purchase a spray to make the boots waterproof.

• Waterproofs and lots of layers
It’s Wales which means it WILL rain and it tends to get very misty closer to the summit. Wearing layers means you can gradually remove clothing if you start to get too hot.

• Rucksack for carrying items

• Loads of snacks, water bottle and a flask of warm drink
A flask will keep you warm whilst snacks provide you with plenty of sugar and energy to keep you going.

• Camera and waterproof case
I made a huge mistake not bringing a waterproof case for my camera. At the top of the mountain the moisture from the surrounding mist got into my camera rendering every picture I took afterwards blurry. Luckily the camera survived but it took a while before it dried out and worked properly again.

• First aid kit
It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy but the ground tends to be uneven so plasters are a definite must!

• Sunscreen and glasses or hats and gloves depending on the time of year you visit

• GPS and compass
There is no way you will get any mobile data on the top of a mountain so a GPS is always a good idea incase you get lost. However the paths are pretty obvious so you shouldn’t really need to worry when tackling Snowdon.

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