London: A 24 Hour Discovery

Capital of England and world famous for its culture and history, London is filled to the brim with some incredibly unique attractions. You could easily spend weeks hunting out the hidden quirks of this city, of which there are many, but if you only have twenty four hours then these are the sites that you just can’t miss!



Start off your day to the west side of the city, exploring the World Heritage Site of Greenwich, where the east and west hemispheres meet at the Meridian Line. All time across the world is set from this exact point. Keep your eyes peeled for the O2 arena and the Cutty Sark, an old clipper which used to bring tea to Britain from China.

Royal History

Hop aboard the tube to Tower Hill where you can watch British royal history come alive as you discover Tower Bridge and the Tower of London with its somewhat gruesome history as a prison and torture site. Many famous people are buried within its walls, including Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. The Tower is now home to the dazzling Crown Jewels. Cross London Bridge and witness the Shard standing tall as a proud landmark against the London skyline.  Stroll along the twisting meanders of the River Thames and you will reach Shakespeare’s globe theatre.

The next stop is Westminster. No trip to London would be complete without seeing the Houses of Parliament. Start at Westminster Abbey and walk along Abingdon Street to the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and the London Eye. Carry on walking down Parliament Street and you will reach Downing Street, home to the British Prime Minister.


Turn onto Horse Guards Road and head to St James’ Park. A stunning natural landscape in the midst of the city, this is the perfect place to pause and have a picnic lunch, whilst watching the pelicans on the lake. Just make sure the squirrels don’t get to your food before you do! After lunch cut through the park and head along the Mall to Buckingham Palace.

Shopping and Nightlife

If you’re looking to treat yourself take a trip to Knightsbridge and head to the famous Harrods department store with an impressive range of designer clothes and Food Hall filled with all kinds of tempting treats.


In the evening walk from Charing Cross through Trafalgar Square to Nelson’s Column. Spend the rest of the time strolling through the heart of the city. Oxford Circus is the place to be if you are a keen shopper and Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square are home to some vibrant nightlife. Discover the culinary delights of Chinatown or take a well-earned break, sipping some cocktails on a rooftop bar whilst watching the sun set on this magnificent city. What a day!

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