Five Reasons why you have to Visit Rome

1.   The History

You only have to set foot in this unique, world famous city for five minutes to see the mixture of historic aspects combined with a modern twist. One second you’re exploring designer boutiques the next you’re staring awe-struck at an incredible monument. Of course when you mention the phrase “Roman history” the first thing that springs to mind is the Colosseum. Completed in 80AD as an amphitheatre members of the public are able to walk around this iconic symbol of Italy. The Roman Forum is a series of Roman ruins which were seemingly abandoned after the fall of the Empire. Standing atop the Palatine Hill will give you breath-taking views of a place littered with history and myth that was once the capital of an empire.

2.   Amazing architecture


Beside the Colosseum there are plenty of other impressively constructed sites to see on your trip. Marvel at the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to the gods of Pagan Rome. This iconic landmark is one of the best preserved sites from Ancient Rome. The Trevi Fountain is definitely worth a visit- throw in a coin and legend says you’ll be sure to return to the city.


3.   The Vatican City

Home of the Pope and the Roman Catholic faith this city-state is well known for its art and architecture with the Sistine chapel containing the iconic Michelangelo ceiling. It is the smallest country in the world and is completely contained within Italy, only being separated by the River Tiber which weaves its way throughout Rome. The Pope is in charge and the city prints its own Euros and stamps and even has its only national anthem. Standing proudly at the top of the city is St Peter’s Basilica, a renaissance church, which is the largest basilica of Christianity in the world.

P1010654 (2)

4.    The food

Rome is the perfect choice for foodies- everyone knows that Italian food is some of the best in the world. There’s gelato in pretty much every flavour imaginable, traditionally baked pizza and fresh pasta. And of course there’s the coffee, freshly brewed each day and with so many types to choose from it’s easy to see why this drink is a firm favourite amongst Italians. Start your day with a cappuccino and you’ll have plenty of energy to continue your roam through Rome.

5.   The chic designer shops

Ahhh, La Dolce Vita! From larger shops to smaller boutiques where you can find a range of unique items Rome is the perfect place to find the latest clothing and accessories. No wonder it is one of the fashion capitals of the world!



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